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Can Alternate-Day Fasting Replace The Traditional Weight Loss Diet?


Fasting is the trendy thing that people do to lose some pounds. But the recent study claims that it cannot be good for weight loss.

The alternate-day fasting which is considered as the best way to lose weight cannot be better than the traditional calorie-restricted diet. In this study, the researchers considered the weight-loss method called alternate-day fasting in which people reduced their calorie intake drastically every alternate day but they eat more on non-fasting days.

The conducted study

Eric Ravussin and colleagues, from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, have led this study that evaluated the effectiveness of alternate-day fasting and the traditional fasting. During alternate-day fasting, it was seen that people consume more than usual food loaded with more calories during non-fasting days.

During the study, researchers segregated 100 obese adults into 3 groups namely an alternate-day fasting group, a people who did not do any diet and the traditional diet group. The participants from alternate-day fasting group consumed 25 percent of their daily calorie intake which is about 500 calories and 125 percent of their typical calorie intake on nonfasting days.

After 6 months, the people belonging to alternate-day fasting and traditional fasting had lost more than 7 percent of their body weight compared to the ones who do not follow the diet at all. After 1-year people from both the groups has shown a weight loss of 5 to 6 percent of their original body weight. Also, it was surprising to note that there was no considerable weight loss difference seen in alternate-day fasting group and traditional fasting group.

It was interesting to note that 38 percent of participants belonging to alternate-day dieting group have been dropped out of the study compared to the 29 percent who have left traditional dieting group. The people from alternate-day dieting group either consume more calories or slightly fewer calories during nonfasting days. Researchers say that it is difficult to change the people’s eating behavior.


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