Apple Watch Series 3 Is In Final Testing Phase And Will Be Released In The Fourth Quarter Of 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 devices are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2017.


Apple smartwatch has undergone various changes and improvements since its release two years ago. Now the company is about to launch new Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches. Although the first series smartwatches have faced many problems due to clunky interface and performance issues, it is expected that this Watch Series 3 smartwatches will overcome all the flaws seen in previous versions.

In order to make its smartwatches an exciting option for the users, Apple is concentrating more on improving the functionality of the device rather than just looks. Not much information regarding the Apple Watch Series 3 is revealed, but it is expected that this series smartwatches will support LTE connectivity.

The Taiwan based company called Quanta Computer which plays an important role in supplying the products like MacBooks and Apple Watch is now testing the Apple Watch Series 3 devices. It is expected that the shipping of these devices will begin in the fourth quarter of 2017. This indicates that the shipping of these devices may be aligned with the launch of Watch Series 3.

Apple is one of the company who is actively involved in manufacturing the smartwatches and overcoming the risks involved in this market.  The sales of Apple smartwatches in February 2017 was 63% out of the total share. The drop in the sales of smartwatches which are not fitness-based watches may be due to lack of consumer demand or consumer attraction.  Many people consider the smartwatches as a mere accessory neglecting the functionalities which it offers.

The rumours regarding the facility of LTE connectivity in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 will help the users to access the connectivity features. However, whether the user can accept or reject call directly using their smartwatch or not is not yet known. The famous tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has said that this Watch Series 3 devices will provide both LTE and non-LTE versions and it is known as eSIM.

The Apple Watch Series 3 devices will resemble well with its earlier versions in terms of design but some minor changes are expected.


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