Amazon Spark Is Social Networking Platform Intended For The Online Shoppers

Amazon Spark app will now assist the users in shopping and it is similar to that of Instagram and Pinterest.


Amazon the e-retailer platform which was founded in 1994 has released a new platform called Spark which is similar to Instagram and Pinterest. This is the Amazon’s first step towards the social networking platform. Amazon Spark will help users to view and purchase the product.

Amazon Spark is a platform which will help people to post the images of the product which they like and other users can like or comment on the user’s posts which is similar to other social networking sites. The aim of the new social networking platform is to acquire a large number of customers towards itself.

Amazon has already started the testing of this platform and it will be first rolled out in the United States. But the company had not yet revealed any plans to launch Spark across the UK. Amazon Spark is available for the iOS users who have prime subscription and the Android version is expected to the released soon.

The Amazon Spark users can tag certain products to the user’s posts and anyone who is interested in the similar product can find the post and purchase instantly. Users can add comments to the posts like smiles, like button. Amazon Spark will be another competitor of the social networking platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

In order to use the Spark app, the user first needs to download the Amazon mobile app as the app will work for the mobile version only and not with the desktop version. In the Amazon app, you can find the Spark option inside the “Programs and Features” tab. Under this option you can choose any 5 sections or the areas of your interest and the Spark app will provide you the details accordingly.

Spark can also display a lot of images related to your interests as well as the product review related to them. Along with these a shopping icon will be also displayed which indicates that the specified item is available for purchase on Amazon.

With the help of Amazon Spark, users will simply find the product in which they are interested which will save the users time of reviewing the different products.


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