Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Equipped With Bixby-Based Bluetooth Headset

Samsung is about to reveal its Bixby-based Bluetooth headset device which may be revealed along with Galaxy Note 8 device.


The most anticipated smartphone by Samsung called Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed publicly during the launch event which will be held in New York city on August 23. During the launch event, it seems that Samsung will also showcase the ability of Bixby which is the company’s virtual assistant in its Bluetooth headset.

The Bixby-based Bluetooth headset will be one of the factors that will distinguish the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device from the Galaxy S8 device. Both the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 devices resemble each other in terms of design and specification aspect. Samsung is presently working to integrate the Bixby’s support for the Bluetooth headset which may be revealed on August 23. This integration seems to be the competing factor as similar integration is seen in Apple devices which integrate the AirPods with iPhone device.

The Bixby based Bluetooth headset device will be launched along with the Galaxy Note 8 device or it may be bundled with the device. We are already aware of the specification and features which will be seen in the upcoming smartphone device. The Bluetooth headset will enable users to communicate with Bixby by firing the voice commands and can act as a noise removing technology.

Until now the price of this Bluetooth headset device is not revealed and whether it will be coupled with the Galaxy Note 8 device or not is yet known. As Apple has its Siri assistant, Google has its own Assistant, Samsung has also revealed its Bixby assistant. With the release of Bixby, the S Voice feature may become outdated as this feature will be replaced by Bixby.

Samsung was facing some troubles with Bixby as it has faced trouble while understanding the English language. This move will help Samsung to gain popularity again after the crisis which the company faced after the end of Galaxy Note 7. The launch of Galaxy Note 8 device is near and it will be interesting to see how the Bixby-based Bluetooth headset will hit the market. Being the top-notched smartphone, the device is priced at $1,000 and above.


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