Google Street View Can Provide You The Glimpse Of International Space Station

Google Street View can now provide the glimpse of International Space Station which is 400 kilometers away from the surface of Earth.


Google Street View is the feature provided with the combined efforts from Google Maps and the Google Earth. The aim of Google Street View is to provide the view of the different streets of the world. Now Google has extended its street viewing ability beyond Earth and now it can provide us the view of International Space Station (ISS) also.

The view of International Space Station will be provided by the Google Street View and the European Space Agency. With just a single click the user can see the glimpse of International Space Station from any corner of the world. Google the largest search engine in the world has changed its existing methods of capturing data for street viewing.

The researchers have now employed a use of DSLR cameras and other devices on the International Space Station for providing the glimpse of it. With the joint efforts from the NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center, Google has developed 15 new modules which will show the view of International Space Station.

Google Street View can provide the 360-degree view of the ISS. The images of the ISS are presently available in the Street View. The view of the ISS is complicated which features various cables and complex view of different modules in different directions. The view of ISS space station reveals everything like the eating place, a place where astronauts perform the exercise, where they rest and their experimenting areas.

The researchers faced a lot of trouble while collecting these images as they have to trouble shoot the data. The complete images of the ISS can be captured which is the home for astronauts for 16 years located 400 kilometers away from the surface of the Earth. Pesquet has collected different images of the ISS and then clubbed them to develop a 360-degree view of the space station.

Google Street View of ISS can be useful from the educational point of view as it encompasses the working of different modules. International Space Station consists of astronauts from different countries like Russia, United States, Canada, Japan, Europe and other countries.


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