Anytime, Amazon’s New Messenger Will Take Over Facebook And WhatsApp

Amazon will be launching Anytime, it's messaging app that would raise the concerns of other giant companies like Facebook and WhatsApp.


The rolling numbers of messaging app do not take a pause even for a moment of time. The giant companies Facebook and WhatsApp would be soon taken over by Amazon who is creating a new messaging app called as Anytime. This app is going to put other companies in the state of worry. Coming to the roles part, the functioning of Anytime would be much similar to other messaging apps.

It will contain common functions such as voice and video calling, texting and sharing pictures and documents. Moreover, users can also send gif stickers and tag their friends in the video or photo you share just by typing @ and adding name of your friends. Anytime is designed for a number of mobile handsets and desktops.

Like WhatsApp anytime will also serve the security by protecting your messages by encrypting them. All the other features are quite common from user’s point of view but this security feature would attract users towards using this application. The app will allow them to keep their important messages secure.

Amazon has got a strong positive feature of encryption to influence the user to opt for this app who are already using other popular messaging applications. On the other hand, Amazon would obviously have to struggle a lot to make their app popular among the community who don’t even bother to use other messaging apps or those who are not aware of encrypting and securing their data and messages.

Another stunning feature Amazon’s Anytime will come up with is that you can call up your friends just via their names and no need of phone number here. Amazon is still planning to make this work but they might plan to sink this app with other messaging applications in order to get the contact list.

Last year Amazon launched Chime, the video conferencing tool that was dominantly used for business purpose. However, today it aims is to compete with other leading messaging company so as to stand at the first position in the market.


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