Apple Reveals New Panic Command Feature Which Can Quickly Dial 911

Apple has introduced new panic command feature which can dial 911 in an emergency situation. It seems that this feature will be seen in upcoming iPhone 8 device.


Apple is constantly launching new kick off features to make its iPhone devices and the outstanding one for the users. Recently, Apple was granted a patent for its feature which can determine the panic situation and dial 911 when a user is in trouble. As the company is about to reveal its next flagship phone called iPhone 8 many users expect that this panic command feature will be shipped with this smartphone.

The users who are in the panic situation or facing threat can directly activate the panic command feature by placing their finger on the fingerprint sensor. The patent which states this feature was presented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent reveals how one call 911 when they are in stress condition. However, every time when a user places the finger on fingerprint sensor this feature will not be activated as it requires a subsequent number of tapings on the fingerprint sensor.

The panic command feature can also determine whether the user is in the panic situation or not based on the pressure applied on the sensor, gesture and the number of times the user taps on the screen. After the panic command feature is activated your smartphone device will determine your location and the nearby emergency services. In addition to this, the audio or video which is captured just prior to the panic incident can be determined by this feature.

At present the user can directly call 911 even when their screen is locked but do so can land some individuals in trouble when the criminal is watching them. Hence the new feature by Apple will help the users to call 911 and no one can detect this. All the personal information can be deleted by using this feature.

As Apple is on the verge of launching the new flagship phones namely iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 it is expected that these smartphones will be shipped with the panic command feature.  Hence it seems that Apple is trying to make the utmost use of the technologies which are available on their smartphone device. Will this panic command feature really proves beneficial to the users in an emergency situation or not remains to be seen?

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