Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Sensor Still Appears To Be Located At The Back

The Galaxy Note 8 device which is expected to be launched in September seems to retain the location of fingerprint sensor at the back.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is the next flagship phone expected to be launched in the month of September alongside the launch of iPhone 8. The recently launched smartphones by Samsung namely Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8Plus is doing wonders in the smartphone market. But many users are annoyed with the location of the fingerprint sensor in the S8 and S8 Plus devices. The fingerprint sensor in these two devices is located on the backside near the camera which makes it less efficient,

As Samsung already excels in introducing the top-notched features in their smartphone devices, seems to be failing in placing the fingerprint sensor below the display for Galaxy Note 8 device. The news comes from the leaked rumors says that this annoying location of the fingerprint sensor will be seen in Galaxy Note 8 device as well. But the company can make a minor change in fingerprint sensor to reduce this issue.

It was expected that Samsung will re-position the fingerprint sensor in upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device but now the recent report released by Naver, says that it won’t be the case. As the launch of Galaxy Note 8 was scheduled in September the company has geared up and failed to embed the fingerprint sensor below the display. Due to technical issues, the company has not done so as the launch of the device may be delayed.

The online leaked images of the Galaxy Note 8 shows that the fingerprint sensor is still present at the backside and not under the display. One of the reports from trusted source says that the company has to take a last-minute effort the place the fingerprint scanner below the display. One of the image reveals the dual-lens system of the Galaxy Note 8 which displays LED flash and the fingerprint sensor.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8 in which the fingerprint sensor was placed next to the camera was not efficient as while unlocking the device the user may smudge the camera lens by mistake. So, to address this issue the company can place the fingerprint sensor at the back but the distance between the camera lens and the scanner should be increased.

As nothing is known yet the users may have to wait until September when the Galaxy Note 8 device will roll out.


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