Google Pixel Users Are Facing Issues While Updating Their Device With Latest Security Patch

Some Google Pixel users are facing issues while downloading the latest July month security patch.


Google the search giant has really amazed the users with the launch of the smartphone devices. The Pixel smartphones which are powered by Android OS are performing well in the competitive smartphone market. Google has a history of rolling out the security patches at the start of every month.

As per the set scenario by Google, the company has released out the latest security patch for the Pixel users at the start of July. But unfortunately, the Pixel users are facing some troubles while installing the July security patch to keep their device updated. Google has started rolling out the security patch for Android to make sure that their smartphone devices are protected from the threats like Stagefright which had ruptured the functioning of many Android devices in 2015.

The monthly updates by Google aim to protect the device from getting infected by the deadly viruses. The new security patch for July month which was released on July 6 for Pixel and Nexus users have reported the issues while installing the update. The update was released in the form of system images and the OTA files to all the eligible devices.

While downloading the update everything goes smoothly till 61.1 MB and suddenly the error message turns out. The error message says that the device cannot be updated and there is an installation problem. Also, no more details regarding the installation failure are mentioned and a user only has the option to try again.

The Pixel users have reported this issues on the company’s forum and one of the company’s spokesperson said they are actively working to resolve the issue at the earliest. Also, the company says that the users should not frustrate as they this does error will not pose any risk or threat to their device.

Some reports also claim that this error is seen only in Google Pixel models. The size of the update is 70.1 MB which ensures smooth functioning of the device. However, it remains to be seen when the company resolves this installation error.


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