The Gene-Editing Technique Can Determine The CRISPR Mistakes

The gene-editing technique called CRISPR which is used to treat the HIV, Cancer can now do this with much accuracy.


The gene-editing technique holds true in the case of detecting HIV and Cancer. The gene-editing techniques called CRISPR is used for insertion, deletion or replacement DNA. The researchers have designed a new technique which can make the CRISPR technique much faster.

CRISPR the gene editing technique is used by researchers all over the globe for editing genome of the patients to cure the deadly diseases. As the human trials are about to begin the CRISPR technique is facing some errors. To remove these errors the researchers from The University of Texas have designed a possible solution. The tool works like a predictive editor which will determine the mistakes of CRISPR.

CRISPR which is used in editing the genetic sequence can treat the disease called Cancer and Huntington’s disease. By removing the faulty genes, the technique is can also eradicate the disease from roots.

Even though the tool is extremely useful in removing the deadly diseases from roots it has some drawbacks also. Even the small mistake while editing the genes can give catastrophic results. The new technology developed by the scientists called Chip Hybridized Affinity Mapping Platform (CHAMP) can determine to which part of the genome and the DNA segment this CRISPR will interact with and it can provide individual gene therapy.

Every individual is different from other due to the difference in their gene sequence which is known as genetic diversity. The DNA sequence has reoccurring typos and CRISPR should autocorrect this sequence is there are errors.

The CRISPR technology is similar to the autocorrect feature which can intentionally modify the typed words that can change the meaning of the text. If the CRISPR does this kind of work then it can alter the healthy genes and can cause malignancy. The analysis of the study has been published in the journal Cell.

Hence the CHAMP technology was designed to change only the healthy genes which are mistakenly modified by CRISPR.


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