Tesla’s Motors Might See an Addition of Long Hauling Truck to Their List by September


Tesla is known for introducing the electric cars to the world with varieties in all different sections of cars. And know, they have announced that the world might get an opportunity to view their new product of long hauling Semi-truck which they have never seen before. Tesla is very positive and enthusiastic to introduce this new commercial long-haul truck which will include usage of Model 3 motors which would be economically cheaper and provide better services than those regular trucks at less cost. This would evidently emphasize to increase the production and selling of battery and expect the supply chain management of those companies to be smoother enough to fulfill the needs of the market.

The projected month for the launch is expected to be September for this new series of the haul truck. If this project goes for a huge success then this would definitely change the current scenario and requirements of the haul truck industry and expect it to be more competitive in future. Electric cars invented by Tesla have already marked their existence with a huge demand in the US market and Tesla expects the haul truck would create the same experience and magic after its launch. According to the information, Tesla is planning to introduce the long- range, powerful electric semi trucks in the market instead of the short range. These trucks would focus on carrying bulk and heavy goods through the difficult mountain range and would be used for carrying goods in long distance areas of America.

Cost is the most important factor in the production and selling of the huge trucks used for commercial business. It’s very difficult to compete on the basis of cost and that’s the reason why the trucking business is so competitive. If Tesla introduces the electric long hauling trucks then they need to ensure that their product is tough enough and primarily focus on the cost-effective aspect to be successful in the US market. The introduction of Tesla’s new range of electric truck would surely scare the other players since it would divide the current market further among them but if it delivers what Tesla promises then that would hamper the business of other competing players in the market. The most important part of the electric truck would be the battery which could not only be expensive but also heavy and would consume a lot of time to get charged and used for the ride. In such case, competitors predict that the electric car which would run purely on batteries would be difficult to be built.


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