Jeff Bezos Asked for Suggestion and Ideas on Philanthropy on Twitter To the Audience


Slowly and Steadily Jeff Bezos the founder and chief executive of Amazon is moving towards becoming the richest man by having the total net worth of $80 billion in the world. For that matter, he posted a tweet on Twitter asking the audience to suggest him various ideas to prepare a philanthropy strategy to spend under the heading “request for ideas” for philanthropy. Mr. Bezos has mentioned about one of the initiatives taken by Amazon in Seattle which is working for the homeless by building an Amazon hometown to help the people to satisfy their needs and leave a long lasting impact.

Along with the reference to this initiative, Mr. Bezos has asked the audience to suggest an idea to and reply to the above-mentioned tweet. No doubt Mr. Bezos currently stands among the top five richest men in the world with 17 percent share in Amazon, and the total valuation is rapidly increasing. Amazon is reaching new heights with its share prices rising with a great speed and has tripled in just 2 years since 2015. This supported Mr. Bezos to increase his total net worth by nearly $50 billion and making it total to $83 billion, getting him closer to Bill Gates who managed to retain the title of being the richest man on earth for past 18 years. Mr. Bezos is just $7 billion far away from overtaking the richest man title from Bill Gates.

It’s also true that he is the only one person among the top five richest people who has not signed the Giving Pledge which was initiated by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. According to this pledge, all the people who have signed the pledge would be donating at least fifty percent of their wealth. Till date, Mr. Bezos’s name never appeared on the Philanthropy 50 list which records all the top 50 largest donors in the world. According to the sources, the Bezos family has donated $100 million till now in charity, out of which $15 million was donated to Princeton University. Mr. Bezos has always maintained silence on this topic and kept it secret about his plans and strategies to utilize his wealth for philanthropic activities and what causes he would be supporting.

There were certain initiatives taken by Mr. Bezos in the past which look like a philanthropic initiative but turned out to be a profit making business strategy. Now in such scenario where he becomes the richest man in the world, he would definitely have pressure to disclose his initiatives for adapting some philanthropic activities and giving back to the society.


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