Unemployment Among Heart Failure Patients Ups The Risk Of Death By 50%


The fear of unemployment may have an adverse impact on heart failure patients and can increase the risk of death by 50%. The research study regarding this issue was presented on April 30, at Heart Failure 2017 and the 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure 1.

According to the recent estimates by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 5.7 million adults in the US suffer from heart failure and half of them die within 5 years of diagnosis. Now, the unemployment has contributed to these high numbers. The study involving more than 20,000 unemployed people have shown high death rate than the people who has a history of diabetes and strokes.

Also, unemployment has resulted in 50% higher risk of death among heart failure patients. Researchers considered various causes before coming to the conclusion including the employment status of an individual. The people belonging to the age group of 18 and 60 years who were diagnosed with heart failure, 16% of employed people died after 3 years of diagnosis. However, in the case of unemployed people, the death rate was as much as 31% which is double.

Dr. Rasmus Roerth, a physician from Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark said that job cover has a significant impact on individual’s well-being and performance. Also, job exclusion is linked to rising in depression, mental health problems causing suicide in the worst case. The younger people the heart failure is mostly caused due to unemployment. The 40% employed individuals with heart failure have returned to the hospital as compared to the 42% unemployed people. After considering all these factors like age, gender, employment status, the unemployed people with heart failure have 12% high risk of hospitalization as compared to the employed people.

Dr. Roerth said that the proof regarding how the employment status affects the mortality rate is not clear. Employment status also has impact on physical well-being.

The problem of unemployment has adversely affected the mental health of a person causing anxiety, depression, stroke and even suicide. According to the study conducted in 2015, unemployment has led to 45,000 suicide cases taking place globally every year. The technological advances taking place in the field of Artificial Intelligence may replace humans by robots causing unemployment.


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