Airlines Under Scrutiny On Capitol Hill– Either Raise Standard Or Face The Consequences


It has been a very tough day for all the airlines when Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) issued a warning against all of them to either raise their customer service standards or might have to face the consequences. Recently, there have been many issues related to overbooking of the airlines and then customers being asked to get down from the airplanes, sometimes even forced to do so. United airlines along with various other flight carriers would be facing the lawmakers on Tuesday regarding their overbooking problem and failing to provide proper customer service to the customers. Congress has taken this issue very seriously and is adamant about taking strict actions against the flight carriers if they fail to comply with the requirements.

There have been a couple of cases registered against airline where in a couple was asked to board the next flight and in one case the man was violently treated by the airline’s officials and security guards. Hence, Congress decided to arrange a meeting where they could understand the drawbacks and miscommunications that lead to such kind of issues. This meeting would be very crucial because this might affect the perception of the lawmakers towards the airlines and impact the upcoming reauthorization policy of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Shuster said that this meeting with the airline carriers will give an opportunity to understand the shortfalls and differences due to which such incidents occur and how jointly they could come to a resolution to overcome this problem. Since the recent incidents have been related to the United Airlines, they would be the center of attraction and liable to answer and will be accompanied by different airlines in the US like Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines etc.

The primary question that tops the list is why flights are overbooked? How do they decide which passenger would have to give up his seat in case of over book? And are the policies different for refundable and no- refundable passengers? According to the explanation provided by the United Airlines against a video of the man bleeding was dragged by the officials, they said that they had asked passengers to voluntarily give up their seat and accept the compensation and they would arrange for the next flight. But no one agreed to accept the offer and hence they randomly selected those passengers by their own.

This meeting is expected to get the ultimate solution of the airlines been over booked and improve customer service standards by abiding with all the rules and regulations.

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